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Tangle Deck 1, Tangle Deck 2, Expansion Pack XP1
and Tiny Tangle Deck

Tangle Deck was created by Certified Zentangle® Teacher, Lynn Mead, to provide a durable and portable reference to copyright-free tangles introduced by Zentangle Inc. These tangles are designed to be easy to learn and use with the Zentangle Method of drawing. Tangle Deck is a resource that includes step by step instructions, provides ideas and inspiration, and is as portable as the rest of your Zentangle supplies.




Large 3.5″ x 5.75″ cards are designed to be used by all ages.

Coated cards are durable and let you easily sort through the deck.






One side has tangle step-outs and tips and the other side is a monotangle drawing that uses tanglenhancers and tangleations.

Each card shows the elemental strokes needed to create the tangle.

Individual cards let you select several tangles and display them right in front of you. No flipping back and forth between pages.



The accompanying books, Tangle Deck Techniques and More Tangle Deck Techniques, provide suggestions for exploring tangles using tanglenhancers, tangleations, and other techniques.






The books are spiral bound so they lie flat, making them easy to refer to while tangling.







Tangle Deck 1 includes the following 52 copyright-free and easy to learn Tangles introduced by Zentangle Inc.

Tangle Deck 2 includes the following 45 copyright-free Tangles introduced by Zentangle Inc. and 3 Tangles introduced by Lynn for a total of 48.

Tangle Deck Expansion Pack -XP1 contains the following 9 copyright-free Tangles introduced by Zentangle Headquarters since the completion of Tangle Decks 1 and 2.

Tiny Tangle Deck may be only 2” x 2” but it’s big on content. It contains all 100 tangles from the original Tangle Decks 1 & 2 and it’s printed on the same durable coated card stock. Even more portable than the original Tangle  Decks, it comes in its own metal tin.
Each card contains:
– the basic drawing of each tangle
– the tangle name and creator
– the elemental strokes used to draw the tangle



Each tangle card is color coded so you know which original deck to look in for the step-outs, red for Deck 1 and blue for Deck 2.










What CZTs are saying…

“I love the deck!  Your hard work and effort really shines through with this product!  The deck itself is beautiful with clear instructions, wonderful size to see, and the pictures on the back with all the tangelation possibilities are incredible.  Your art work is really beautiful too. I also love the techniques book that you included….wonderful details!  I think you hit it out of the park with this one.”

Susan Clark, CZT

“I just wanted to tell you that I bought the last deck of your cards at CanTangle. I was sure I didn’t want another deck of Tangle cards, but seeing it was the last one I thought why not. Well I need to tell you that last night I spent about two hours looking over them. Honestly I think it is one of the BEST purchases that I have ever made in the Zentangle line. They are fantastic, wonderful, inspiring and absolutely beautiful. I so wish you had taught a whole class at CanTangle. You are one very, very talented person. I could hardly wait to tell you how pleased I was and that I nearly missed out. Can you tell how happy I am with my deck? Thank you, thank you for a job well done.”

Nancy Smith, CZT

“The Tangle Deck arrived today. What a WONDERFUL job you have done. Love, love it. The booklet is excellent. You both explain and illustrate in clear, concise terms and renditions. I LOVE your artwork on the cards – and how you represented tangleations instead of just putting the tangle on there. The Enhancers section is terrific – especially that dew drop!   You give credit to R&M and have represented Zentangle perfectly. I just love the side bar with the strokes you use. So helpful – and a different touch from other publications, etc. The quality of the coated card is exceptional – I’m glad you did the book using that, as well. Very professional. Kudos and congratulations! Bravo, bravo!!!!”

Jenny Perruzzi, CZT



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Tangle Deck was developed by Meadowmead Studios LLC and is not an official Zentangle product.