Introducing Abeko

Introducing Abeko

I’ve taken a little vacation from posting for most of July but it’s now time to get back into the swing of things. I’m going to share my Square One tile for the week of July 22-28 and introduce you to a tangle called Abeko.

The Square One focus tangle was Echoism, one of the tangles introduced by Zentangle HQ. (Margaret Bremner has an excellent post on her blog called Echoism, and then some).  As usual I started out just playing with this tangle in my sketchbok. Here are a couple of ideas I tried.


I liked the way the loops on the left image snuggled up together with the adjacent rows so for my first tile I incorporated that. I added a twist by adding a border and then filling in some of the spaces with black.


I’ve also been playing with a tangle that came to me a while ago that is started by drawing either Eke or Echoism and then adding on to that. With Echoism as the focus that gave me the opportunity to play with this tangle as well. Here is my second tile which blends a version of this tangle with Echoism.


I word about new tangles… I never feel like a tangle is something I created, never felt like it was mine. It’s more like the tangle comes to me and we partner so that it can be introduced to the world. I call this tangle Abeko, because to me it’s like a combination of Abundies and either Eke or Echoism. I think you can see what I mean in this series of step-outs…


Here are a couple more tiles using Abeko. This first one is kind of a mono tangle sampler.

Abeko Sampler 150ppi

This second tile uses the flower variation of Abeko in a cross shape with an aura around it. I really liked the way it turned out here.


UPDATE: Some people wanted to see in more detail how this was drawn so here is a short stepout:


I know this tangle is similar to other tangles that are out there but I’ve not seen one exactly like this one that is based on Eke or Echoism. It’s what came to me so it’s what I’m passing along.

As always if you see anything in this post that you would like to use in your own work please feel free to do so.



27 Responses to Introducing Abeko

  1. Thanks for this lovely graceful pattern! As always your “style” amazes me. And so many different varistions- can’t wait to try them all:)


  2. I love the set of “Tangle Decks” I purchased. I am not only learning the “techniques” from the books for “enhancing” one’s tangles, but I eventually noticed that in the “Mono Tangles” you made on the other side of each card, incorporates a “touch” of each “enhancing technique” somewhere in the completed Zentangle!
    I “study” them alongside the books to actually “see” how you used the techniques.
    Thank you so much. The “Tangle Decks” are very helpful.
    Best Wishes, Tracy
    PS. The boxes are a tiny bit too tight. The first box I tore a bit trying to untuck the flap. I know these have already been manufactured/produced. As a consideration for the future, you may want to consider making the boxes “a tad” bigger. I like to carry the cards with me IN the box when I go to see my doctors. I do not want to drop them all over when I turn the box upside down and tap. (My hands don’t work as well now.) Helpful suggestion? Tracy

    • Tracy, the boxes are made from a template provided by the card printers so there is not much I can do about their size. I have had several people request a hole in the corner of the cards so they can be put on a ring. I’m looking into having that done on future runs. I’m also always on the lookout for alternatives to the boxes.

      • Hi Lynn, Just saw your reply RE: Boxes. I think if you mention it to the company they know how to adjust the template. However I found that it’s not too necessary, as once one takes them out of the box, one does not generally put ALL of them back in. One uses the box as a type of “wallet” to carry a few (3-5) cards with them for protection. Those boxed sure are ‘eye-catching’! I get lots of attention when I pull one out, then set it next to me. PLUS I can carry both books at once for guidance.
        Thank You, Tracy

  3. Oh! Again! I just saw (and ordered) your Tangle Decks Combo. That’s where all the “Tutorials” will be!
    Thank You!
    Best Wishes, Tracy

  4. I love how you made it “graduate” from a simple Tangle, that easy and flowing, to a sophisticated grown up “Rose” style. And by doing what? Adding only 2 more simple lines! Your Method of showing the step-outs is so helpful! You show shading on the outside edges, shading along the inner edges of each line, and then “the kicker” for me is you then show the shading in the center near the base! What a difference a little shading makes!
    To finish off you use “striping” with “shine” to make an entirely different look! I think I just learned even more about shading! No. That’s not correct. I DID just learn more about shading!
    Have you seen the site: She introduces something she calls: Fuzzing. It’s fantastic, easy and fun.
    Perhaps you may, one day, do a tutorial on shading, sparkle, and shine?
    Best Wishes, Tracy

  5. This is such a beautiful, graceful tangle! Thank you for sharing it with us; it’s going to work really well with my weird variation of “Meringue” (it just will not look like the original, so I’ve learned to love it as I do it), and with the many curvy tangles I enjoy drawing.

    I have to echo the “thank you” for not seeing any design as yours, but as a partner that uses your hands to get out to the world (my wording, not yours, of course). I’m sometimes intimidated by using the Zentangle patterns of others because I think the designer might see it and wonder why I “stole” their pattern, when all I do is incorporate the patterns into personal ZIA. I don’t ever claim to have designed anything, because I don’t design, I just enjoy what’s out there for us to draw. So, after that long-winded blather, thank you!

    • Lesley, I hope you meant IS such a beautiful tangle. If you truly meant “isn’t” I like to know why you feel this way.

      • Oh my goodness this auto correct is awful. I love your new tangle Abeko! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  6. I really really really like what you have to say about a tangle not being your own and how you come along side each other. There are a lot of people who feel entitled to “their” tangles and to be quite frank it kills it for people who want to share theirs but are fearful bc they don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes. Patterns are all free to copy from the world around us and just bc someone puts pen to paper and calls it theirs doesn’t mean they own it, I like your take on it, is very nice. Thank you.

  7. Really like it, I’m going to teach it in my class tomorrow, we’re doing Zendalas and I think it will work beautifully! Bravo for Abeko!

  8. Lynn, I absolutely love this tangle you’ve created. I haven’t seen anything like this before so I am going to try this. Thamks do much for sharing!! Hugs and Blessings!

    • Chris, the name gives clues to the geneology of the tangle. AB from ABundies, EK from EKe and O from EchOism.

      • Ha! Ha! Ha! So fun! And it’s easy to pronounce (thank you), unlike some “Tangle Names”.
        Best Wishes, Tracy