Viaduct – Square One Focus

Viaduct – Square One Focus

This weeks Square One focus tangle is Viaduct by Wayne Harlow CZT. Stepouts can be found here. As usual I started out by trying different variations of the tangle in my sketchbook and in general just becoming friends with it. Here are some of my sketches.

Viaduct Sketches-150

I liked the idea of seeing through the arches AND they just seemed to want to go in different directions.



I kind of felt like I was drawing a cartoon this week, I guess because this tends to be a bold tangle and the arches wanted to be wobbly. In the end I embraced it and just started a tile.

This was my journey…






Note: Sometimes when I’m stuck about what to add next I shade what I have already drawn. You don’t have to wait till the end to shade the whole tile.

Here’s what I finally ended up with. I like the wonky Viaduct, I like the contrast of the fine lines of the Fassettoo background to the simple bold shapes of Viaduct, and I like the way the faces of the arches turned into Quib-like ribbons at the bottom.


As usual if you see anything in this post you’d like to try in your own work, please feel free to do so.



4 Responses to Viaduct – Square One Focus

  1. I love the way Viaduct goes in different directions. I find your process ideas so helpful: experimenting with the tangle as a way to become familiar with it & you don’t have to wait until you’re done with the tangles if you want to shade something.
    With gratitude.

  2. Lynn –
    Every time you post, I am intrigued and inspired.
    This time, for what it’s worth, I am letting you know.
    Annie Henkel CZT18
    Mobile, Alabama