Beeline – Square One Focus

Beeline – Square One Focus

The Square One focus tangle for the week of September 2-8 is Beeline, a tangle introduced by Zentangle HQ. Here are the step-outs for this tangle as illustrated on the card from Tangle Deck 1.


I knew as soon as I saw that the focus tangle was Beeline that I wanted to do a softer version replacing the black with gray. I have been playing around with Margaret Bremner’s Rope String recently and the thought occurred to me, what if I used it as the basic framework for Beeline? (I seem to ask myself a lot of What If? questions ; ). I remembered to take lots of work in progress pictures as I was drawing this week and I’m glad I did because the finished shaded tile looks so different from the beginnings that it really helps to see the tile develop. To get the softer feel I was going for, I used parallel lines to create the shades of gray. One advantage of this method was that the lines bisecting the diamonds just blended in with the rest of the lines and disappeared. Anyway here are the work in progress photos, they are self-explanatory.







This is the finished tile BEFORE SHADING…


…and this is the finished tile AFTER SHADING.


As usual if you see anything in this post that you would like to try in your own work, please feel free to do so.



7 Responses to Beeline – Square One Focus

  1. I just saw “Abeko” on Pinterest and had to come directly here to tell you it’s the prettiest tangle I’ve ever seen!

    And I love the Hollibaugh variation background on this one, too!

  2. This is absolutely a dynamically different tangle now! Beautiful, just beautiful, and I find it flows easier for me. This does have me thinking about doing a “twist” with some other tangles. Thank you Lynn, and thank you Margaret Bremner.

  3. Oh my goodness this is so awesome! I sincerely hope that I can improve enough, one day, to achieve work like this!

  4. As soon as you shaded it popped! Thank you so much for sharing your steps. Very interesting to watch.
    Great design!

  5. Hum… you have a “shine”, lengthwise, on each ? “twist” ? of the “rope”? Is that what it is?

    • Tracy, The “shine” just happens when you add the shading along the lines of the original string. it’s nothing I’ve added.

  6. Goodness! I guess I still don’t quite get “shading”, although I’ve been told I do well. But the shading you did to make this look like a twisted candy stick is… Wow! I’ll keep studying the Tangle Decks I bought.
    I could see each step till the last photo. Then I was at a loss as to how you shaded it to make it rounded.