CreZendo – Square One Focus

CreZendo – Square One Focus

This weeks Square One focus tangle is CreZendo, by Pam Hartz Miller CZT. Step-outs can be found in the comments of this weeks Square One FaceBook post (found here).

CreZendo is one of those long and thin tangles that pose an interesting problem, one immediately thinks of using them as a border and it can be hard to think about them in other ways. I like to look for a less obvious solution and in the case of CreZendo it’s S-shape lines and Crescent Moon-ish shapes suggest to me several tangles that would complement it.


For my tile I decided to forgo the obvious Crescent Moon and instead do a little rounding which allowed me to flow right into Diva Dance and build on the auras of the tangle. On the opposite side I mirrored another line of CreZendo but only added the Crescent Moon-ish shapes to one side. This allowed me to flow right into Cadent.


Diva Dance turned into Hollibaugh and I added some black highlights and background. Cadent sprouted some Fescu which again uses the s-shape line.


Here’s how the final shaded tile came out. I think it flows together pretty well.


As always, if you see anything in this post you’d like to try in your own work, please feel free to do so.



7 Responses to CreZendo – Square One Focus

  1. I love the way your mind works. The ability to have one tangle flow into another without a set string division, is magical. It rarely happens for me, but it is exciting to see that flow on a tile. Thank you for sharing; both your work, and the thought processing you went through to get to this wonderful end product.

  2. I love how diva dance danced outside the box😊 Into a hollibaugh. Your tile reminds me of a riverbed as the season changes….one tangle flowing into another.

    I have never tried crescendo. I will add that to my to do list. Beautiful tile!