Fassett and her sister Phroze – Tangle Step-outs

About a year ago I had my first tangle accepted and posted to TanglePatterns.com. You may have seen it there, it is called Fassett. Recently while starting to draw Fassett it morphed into a related but NEW tangle. I decided to call this new tangle Phroz because it looks a little like ice crystals and was born in winter. Here they are together.

Zentangle tile featuring Fassett and Phroz tangles

I thought I’d take the opportunity to post the stepouts here and discuss the similarities and differences of these two tangles.

Step 1. Fassett and Phroze are both based on triangles and start out the same way. Note that the points of all the triangles only touch the points of other triangles. Here, for Phroz, the center of each triangle is marked with a red dot.

Step-1-Fassett Phroz

Step 2. This is where the two tangles diverge. For Fassett you draw inner auras in each of the triangles, while in Phroze you divide each triangle into 3 more triangles by drawing a line from the center dot to each of the corners.


Step 3. In this step for Fassett you draw a line through the corners of the inner auras to connect to the corners of the original triangles while for Phroz you draw an inner aura for each triangle.


Step 4. Fassett is now complete while Phroz has an additional step which is to draw a line connecting the corners of the triangles with the auras.

Step-4-FassettPhrozStep 5. Phroz is now complete.

Step-5-FassettPhrozAs you can see the steps are very similar but because Phroz has an additional step it looks quite different from Fassett.

Both Fassett and Phroz can be drawn on either an irregular layout or a grid layout as is illustrated in the following graphic.

triangle layouttriangle layout-Fassetttriangle layout-PhrozThis is a tile I did for Adele Bruno’s “It’s a String Thing” challenge #81 at tickledtotangle .
Tangle Patterns String 082 using Phroz in the center transitioning into Fassett on the outside.


Hope you give Fassett and Phroz a try. Let me know what you think.

9 Responses to Fassett and her sister Phroze – Tangle Step-outs

  1. Tried the tutorial on dew drops and it worked like a charm. Anxious to try these. Thank you for your clear and concise tutorials. Beautiful tangles.

  2. Thank you sooo much Lynn. Your work is just BEAUTIFUL!!! You are such an inspiration to me and many many MANY others… Thank you for all your art work and your tutorials… You are absolutely fantastic!!!! 😉

  3. Via your tutorial on dew drops (love it!) I found this step-out. These patterns look amazing and I will try them out for sure! Thanks.