Fassettoo – a tangleation of Fassett? or a new tangle?

In April I was fortunate enough to attend Tangle U in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Tangle U is a continuing education conference for Certified Zentangle Teachers.) While we were there we had time to check out the local museums and shops and saw all kinds of wonderful patterns from the southwest. On one of these outings I saw a pot on the cover of a magazine and it was covered in what I thought was Fassett.

photo of clay pot from the southwest US
Fassett variation on a pot.

As I looked closer though, I realized that it was constructed in a different manner from the step-outs I came up with for Fassett. While this method results in the same look and feel of pointed flower/star shapes found in Fassett, I would categorize it as a woven tangle using the drawing method similar to that used in tangles such as Hurry and Auraknot. I’ve decided to give it a name all its own while still giving a nod to Fassett, so I’m calling it Fassettoo. Following are the step outs for both so you can see the difference.

Both Fassettoo and Fassett start with a triangle.

Fassettoo and Fassett both start with a triangle.

From that point on the step outs are different.
Fassettoo is on the left and Fassett is on the right.


Put a bunch of them together and here is the
final result showing similarities and differences.


As you can see, the woven edge of Fassettoo provides a softer more subtle image while the lines in Fassett provide a harder more distinct edge. It’s a good reminder that simple changes to tangles can have a big impact on the look of a drawing.

I haven’t really answered the question about whether Fassettoo is a tangleation or a new tangle, I’ll leave that up to you because I really don’t think it matters much, but I do hope you have fun with Fassettoo.


9 Responses to Fassettoo – a tangleation of Fassett? or a new tangle?

    • I really named it because it is easier to differentiate between the two drawing methods that way, but I agree with you, naming a variation kind of defines it as a separate tangle.

  1. Lynn,
    What a difference between the “too”. Couldn’t resist the pun.
    You have a sharp eye to catch the weave. Fassettoo is a lovely pattern and your helpful display made it easy to see the difference.
    Love your work!

  2. Can’t wait to try it! One of the many things I love about Zentangle is the visual impact of the simple changes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lynn, really enjoyed the presentation,,,side by side,,, very educational,,,I can see you teaching classes using that concept and those wonderful tangles,,,Sign me up!

  4. Oh! Oh! Oh!…In love with it!…Don’t think it matters either whether it’s a new tangle or tangleation!…