Heartswell – Square One Focus

Heartswell – Square One Focus

This week the focus tangle for Square One was chosen specially for Valentines Day. The focus tangle is called Heartswell by Helen Williams. Steps -Outs can be found here on her blog.

I really enjoyed learning and playing with this tangle. On the top of this page I explored drawing it in a Hollibaugh way. At the bottom I drew it on a Rope string like I used last week. This sure gave different results and it helped me understand why Helen said not to have your initial lines too close together. I also tried out several variations.


In the end I decided to go fairly simple for my tile since this can be a very busy tangle. I started with just two curving lines.


Heartswell is fairly easy to draw and I just continued adding “swells” until they began to run together and off the edges. Then I added an Aura around the entire tangle. I liked the black aura I tried in my sketchbook so I filled it in with black.

Heartswell-03-150ppiI added three hearts as focal points and broke up the rest of the hearts with a couple of variations that were repeated several times randomly. This gave a little contrast but kept it simple.


Finally, I added shading to add dimension and complete the tile.


Happy Valentine’s Day

As always if you see anything in this post that you would like to try in your own work please feel free to do so.



2 Responses to Heartswell – Square One Focus

  1. Thanks for the gorgeous valentine, so creative, so flowy, so LOVEly. You never cease to amaze me where your tangled brain leads.
    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you and yours!