Zonked – Square One Focus

Zonked – Square One Focus

This past week’s Square One focus tangle is Zonked by Barbara Finwall. Step Outs can be found here.

As soon as I saw that the focus tangle was Zonked I knew that I wanted to morph it into another Tangle. I didn’t even practice it in my sketch book and I was so absorbed in drawing the tile that I forgot to take work in progress photos. Not to worry though as I have a breakdown of the tangles I used and I’ll explain why I chose these particular tangle to use in the morph.

I started with the curved version of Zonked.

Zonked 01-150 ppi

Then for something a little different I used the straight version of Zonked with a little twist. I drew the lines close together on one side and far apart on the other giving the tangle an off-centered look.

Zonked 02-150ppi

This in turn reminded me of Maryhill so that came next. To blend the two tangles I added a little rounding to Maryhill.

Zonked 03-150ppi

Finally I ended with Fassettoo because I wanted a tangle that was quite different from Zonked as the last Tangle. Again I added a little rounding to Fassettoo to create a connection to the rest of the tile.

Zonked 04-150ppi

All these tangles are drawn in triangles, consist mainly of lines and relate to each other when you add rounding to all of them. Here is my final tile.

Zonked Tile-150ppi

As always if you see something in this post that you would like to explore in you own work, please feel free to do so.




6 Responses to Zonked – Square One Focus

  1. So lovely! I love th angles like these . They are so meditative and just draw you into themselves……and I love how you’ve played with them and created so many variations. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Your mind is so cool. What it produces is 360degrees away from my brain. That’s why I like your work so much. It is so different from mine and I’m not saying that I don’t like my work… Thanks for sharing your discoveries.

    • Anita, I’m so glad you found my blog post interesting. I love your tangle “Dorsal”.

  3. i LOVE the off centered Zonked and how that morphed into Maryhill! Great rounding… All the tangles play so nicely together! I’m inspired….

  4. Hi Lynn, Our CO CZT gang was at our favorite coffee shop yesterday discussing morphing one tangle to another and we called up your tile to study how you did it. We finally figured it out, but your explanation above really helps! These are all tangles that if you stare at them too long your eyes get a little crazy. Wonderful tile!