C-Scape – Square One Focus

C-Scape – Square One Focus

This weeks Square One focus tangle is C-Scape by Susan Rink Olsen CZT. The stepout for this tangle can be found here on tanglepatterns.com.

This is another tangle I’ve never tried so I did lots of playing with it to get familiar. One thing that struck me right away was that I thought there was a relationship between this tangle and Peanuckle so I knew I wanted to use them both in my tile. But first I had to learn C-Scape.

Sketch02-150ppi Sketch01-150ppiAs I began to get a feel for C-Scape I decided to start a tile. While C-Scape makes a great border I wanted to do something else. I settled for a curved stacked effect. I started with the C-Scape in the middle and worked out from it in both directions to the edges. As I worked I didn’t really know where this was going so I just kept adding one line at a time.


When I finished the outlines I really didn’t know what to do next. I added a couple auras then certain shapes just seemed like they should be filled in black so I started there. Next I began filling in the Peanuckle sections with the traditional lines.


This set the tone for the tile so I just continued adding black accents and auras.


Finally came the shading that really made all the folds look 3-D and tied it all together. I like the way C-Scape and Peanuckle worked together and I like the way the two upper right sections blend together but seem to be going in different directions.


Some tiles excite me from the beginning and I can’t wait to draw the next line. This tile wasn’t that way. I really had no moments of vision for this tile but I always work through and enjoy the process till the end. That’s when a tile’s spirit is truly revealed and this one now brings me joy.

As always, please feel free to try anything you see in this post in your own work.



4 Responses to C-Scape – Square One Focus

  1. Hi, Maybe I am slow or something but I find the step-out impossible to follow. The pattern is lovely and I would love to be able to do it, but I can’t understand the step-out at all.

    • Betsi, I assume you are referring to the step outs and instructions for drawing this tangle posted on tanglepatterns.com. I found it easier in step 2 to turn my tile upside down and draw another line of cursive C’s that connected with the first row so the tops of the two rows of C’s touch. Hope that helps. Know that you are not slow and that sometimes it just takes some practice or to see another person demonstrate the tangle before it makes sense to you.

  2. Hi, Lynn…really striking… It reminds me of a scallop shell & with C-scape being the focus that seems very fitting. So, enjoyed your sharing your thought process. I look forward to your weekly posts, they are like mini lessons. Thank you!