Pepper – Square One Focus

This week kind of got away from me so I thought I’d better hurry up and write a post before the next Square One Focus Tangle was revealed.

This weeks focus was Pepper. Honestly, Pepper has never really inspired me much so as usual I started by playing around with it in my sketch book.


I had fun with extending the Pepper stripes into Quib and then back to Pepper again. Also liked the floating Pepper and the flower-like figure that emerged when I added some rounding.

What I ended up with when I started my tile was a combination of some of the features that presented themselves as I sketched.


The string was simple.


I added Pepper with tails fluttering behind and a variation of Rain bent around it.


I filled in the Pepper stripes and tails with a few sparkles added for interest and added some line weighting to the Rain lines for dramatic effect.


I added minimal shading to emphasize the Pepper shape and add a little more interest to the Rain. This is the final tile.

After I had posted this tile I found myself awake in the middle of the night, which doesn’t happen very often to me. I used this time to do another Pepper tile. I didn’t take W.I.P. photos but following is the finished tile. If you’d like to try these Dew Drops check out my tutorial.

Tile 2-150ppi

As always, if you see anything in this weeks post that inspires you, please feel free to play around with it in your own work.



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