Pokeleaf – Square One focus

Pokeleaf – Square One focus

This week’s Square one focus is Pokeleaf. I haven’t used this tangle much recently, so I enjoyed playing with it a little in my sketchbook.


First I played around with different ways to embellish the leaves.


Then I thought “What if I drew Pokeleaf in a Mooka way?”. I liked the idea but the leaf shapes kind of got lost. I decided to add an inner aura to the leaves and make them “see-through” so I could see the leaf shape behind. I really liked this look and decided to use this on my Square One tile.

Pokeleaf 01-150dpi

I started with the Mooka’d Pokeleaf with the inner aura on each leaf so the leaves behind could be seen.

Pokeleaf 02-150ppi

I then added a little shading to the “stems” and where the leaves overlap.

Pokeleaf 03-150ppi

It seemed like the leaves needed some definition so I added shading that was darker at the tips and gradually gets lighter toward the stems. This is a bit of play with Positive and Negative shapes as I often like to do.

Pokeleaf 04-150ppi

Finally I added a little shading around the outside of the leaves just because it seemed like it needed it to pull it all together.

I like that it turned out simple yet complex looking at the same time.

UPDATE: Mooka’d see-through Pokeleaf #2

I did another tile using the Mooka’d see-through Pokeleaf as a string. Following are the work-in-progress photos.


Without shading the filled in string looks kind of flat and busy to me.


Adding shading creates emphasis and dimension. The shading is simply added around the edges and where forms overlap.


As with all the work I post, if you see something you like please feel free to experiment with it in your own work.



8 Responses to Pokeleaf – Square One focus

  1. LOVE this, Lynn! As always, when I see people create outside the box, I think, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” But, alas, I never do, so I’m always grateful for those of you who do it for me!

  2. Love the way you played with pokeleaf. The mooka pokeleaf fascinates me (of course, because I like mooka!). I am almost playing with it in my mind turning it into a celtic knot poke leaf mooka! So in other words, you made my mind play and I like that.