Henna Drum – Square One Focus

Henna Drum – Square One Focus

This week the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus tangle is Henna Drum.  As stated on the Square One site, because so many in the Zentangle community are experiencing family medical crisis or the loss of a loved one, “this week’s ONE focus tangle [Henna Drum] is directed with care and compassion toward them.”

Henna Drum is a tangle that I have not used before, so I started as usual by drawing it in my sketchbook.

henna drum sketch1

henna drum sketch2

I wanted to do a tile that used a variation of Margaret Bremner’s “Flying Birds” string. I liked the bird shaped drawing from my sketchbook but not the Crescent Moon I used with Henna Drum (although I do like them together as they have some common elements).

I started my tile with a few “bird” strings.

henna drum 01-150ppi

Then I added the Henna Drum along the string edges. I used a simple version of the tangle without changes and embellishment. It felt feathery to me.

henna drum 02-150ppi

I thought about adding some tangles in the background but decided in the end to keep it simple and only added some pencil shading.

henna drum 03-150ppi

This is the result. Drawing this tile is my way of sending my love and support to all in the Zentangle community who may be in need of it at this time.

If you see anything in this post that you like, feel free to try it in your own artwork.


5 Responses to Henna Drum – Square One Focus

  1. Nice… once again we get the benefit of your “tangler’s mind” and can follow along. I loved the sketchbook drawings, too.
    And thank you for your kind thoughts to those in need.