Fugu – Square One Focus

Fugu – Square One Focus

After a brief hiatus to finish Tangle Deck 2, teach at Tangle U and then recover from both those things I’m back to posting my Square One tiles. This week’s focus tangle is FUGU by Sonya Yencer.

Frankly I feel kind of burnt out from the final push to get Tangle Deck 2 finished so I just played with FUGU a little in my sketchbook.

Fugu Sketches-150ppi

FUGU just seemed to want to have fun so I went with that for the tile.

I started by adding the “football” shapes with auras and then added the orbs and embellishments.



Next I started at the bottom of the tile and began to add some contrast using black pen.



I finished the tile with pencil shading to add a grey mid-tone and some detail.


This tile turned out whimsical and very comic-like to me and for some reason reminds me of Where’s Waldo. I guess that’s what I needed in my life this week.

As always, feel free to use or share anything you see in this post.



4 Responses to Fugu – Square One Focus

  1. Great lesson about FUGU, dear Lynn!
    I’ve just received your Tangle Deck, and I´m exciting to tangle with your inspiration.
    Greetings from Spain.
    Maria Tovar CZT

  2. I think your Fugu is so much fun! It reminds me of flying saucers – no, flying cereal bowls. 😍👍🏼

    Thank you Lynn for teaching at Tangle U, I truly enjoyed your class. And thanks for delivering the Tangle Deck 2. It is beautiful.

    • Thanks so much Peggy. After the intensity of getting Tangle Deck2 completed I neede to have a little fun. Glad ou liked the class.