IX and Bales – Square One Focus

IX and Bales – Square One Focus

I was away from my computer last week so did not get a chance to post my Square One tiles, so I’m combining last week with this week. Last weeks focus was IX, a tangle introoduced by Zentangle HQ.

I see lots of possible combinations of tangles that work well with IX so I did two tiles using several of the options. Instead of showing work-in-progress photos I decided to show why I choose the tangles I did for each of the tiles.

Here is the first tile…


I used IX, plus my tangles Fassett and Fassettoo. Here is a diagram I drew in my sketchbook outlining the common elements of the three tangles.


These common elements give the tile a unified look and help the tangles seamlessly morph from one to another.

In the second tile I used IX, Arukas, and Diva Dance and I added some rounding.


Here is the diagram I made depicting the common elements of Arukas, IX and Diva Dance.


Again the common elements between the tangles unify the tile and the rounding helps with this. Arukas terminates into IX on several of it’s arms creating a Tango of the two. And while Diva Dance has the shared elements of lines and black spaces it’s curvy-ness provides some contrast to the straight lines of IX and Arukas. I also shaded it grey to add to the contrast.

This weeks Square One focus tangle is Bales, and I decided to do something simple. Got to give my mind a break sometimes. I draped the grid for bales over the border on my tile to give it a little interest.


As usual if you see anything in this post that you’d like to try in your own work please feel free to do so.



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    • Anita, My pleasure, I really enjoy sharing. I look at it as “open source” tangling : )