Whirlee – Step Outs

Whirlee – Step Outs

One day a little over a year ago my husband called me outdoors to see and experience something wonderful. It was a windy day and the maple tree in our back yard was sending out clouds of seeds which were whirling gracefully all over the place. This magical experience inspired me to commemorate the event by creating a tangle that I call Whirlee. Instructions for this tangle are on TanglePatterns,com but I have updated them and wanted to share them here:

maple-seedIf you are unfamiliar with maple trees, here is what the seeds look like. They are shaped in such a way that when they are blown from the tree they whirl like a helicopter blade and this lets them “fly” away from the tree.

I broke them down to their simplest shape and stylized it a bit. Then found that I could combine the shape in a lot of different ways.


Here are some additional drawings that I did using Whirlee.


Hope you give this one a try and enjoy it’s versatility.


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  1. It’s been a long time since I found a new take that looks nice and way to do…And is and all makes such lovely art. It’s do versatile. Thank you for whirlee. I used to see the very same pods falling from trees in elementary school.